How to choose the right Art for you!

Kristine Augustyn

This page is dedicated to answering some of your questions about art in general, why to buy art, how to decide what to buy, where to buy and once you get it home, how to put it on the wall.  Attached are a few articles that I found to be helpful and I hope you do as well.   I will continue to update this page whenever I find an article or website that may be of interest.

Buying art can seem overwhelming, how to decide what to buy, whom to buy from etc.  Here are a few articles that might help:

Here are some thoughts on supporting local artists:

Here are a few tips on how to hang art once you get it home:

To frame or not to frame:



and here are a few thoughts about why the world needs art in general:

I hope these help.  Buying art is such a personal journey and can seem overwhelming and confusing. Speaking with an artist about their work can add to the experience and that's one reason buying from local artists can be so satisfying.  Personally I feel that art adds so much to our lives, it's like a way to connect in this world.  When you see something in a painting that speaks to you it reminds us that we are not so alone in this world.  I also feel that art opens up our senses and adds depth and dimension to the lens through which we see the world.

I also recommend creating your own art.  It's so fun and satisfying.  Pick a medium and get started because... why not!

Thanks for visiting my page and feel free to contact me any time